Live Oak Ranch

2019-20 Season Trophy Fees


Whitetail $3,500
Nubbin Whitetail Buck $1,000
Blackbuck $3.000
Axis $3,000
Gemsbok Oryx $6,000
Scimitar Horned Oryx $4,000
Sable $9,000
Kudu $11,000
Nyala $9,000
Waterbuck $6,000
Impala $5,000
Wildebeest $5,000
Springbok $4,000
Addax $5,000
Grant Gazelle $7,500
Bobcat $300 as an add-on
Turkey $300 as an add-on
Coyote $0 as an add-on


If your shot hits an animal, you owe the trophy fee. 


Land Use & Guiding Fees: $100 per day ($50 per 1/2 day)


Lodging:  $75/night/bedroom for every night reserved.  The lodging is fit for a millionaire.

Food:  If desired, the charge for meals is $75/day/person for every day reserved.  Maggie serves up some mighty fine vittles.

Deposit:  We require a $500 deposit/trophy animal reserved plus 100% deposits for the reserved meals and lodging.  All deposits are non-refundable.

Field Dressing:  We provide this service at no extra cost.  Field dressing means removing the entrails and does not include skinning and caping.

Caping, skinning, meat processing, shipping, gratuities, and taxidermy are not included in the Trophy Fee. Please read the Policies Page regarding some of these costs.